Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website Services for Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala

The following rules are a legal agreement between you ("you" = "carrier or carrier or passenger or traveler or sender") and ("us" = "Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala"). By logging in, accessing, and using the services of the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala Website outside ukelc.com and affiliate sites and sub-domains, subdomains (the "Site"), you agree to these terms. It should be noted that from time to time the agreement and any information contained in the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala will be amended by entering the revised conditions on the website. Therefore, users have a duty to visit this document to be informed of changes. Corrections are valid from the time of registration on the site. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala is an online space that provides a platform for users to collaborate online, reach agreements with each other, and benefit from the services provided. The Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala site is the safe custodian of your money and will release the money to the other party if both parties agree.


Definition of words:

        Website, website, us, Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala, means ukelc.com website.

        You, the user and users, the buyer, the customer, the applicant, the shipper and the sender, the carrier and the passenger and the parties of any person who uses the services of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala in any way, and wants to do anything and Put it on the site in any way.

        The parties mean "carrier of goods and cargo/sender" and "carrier of goods and cargo/passenger".



All Internet users, both individuals, and legal entities can use the facilities of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala, except for persons under 18 years of age. To use the site, you must agree to all the rules of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala. You agree: Follow the rules, instructions, and motto of the site and follow the instructions. Take financial responsibility for the use of the site, purchases, services received. Fulfill your obligations to the burden you hold. When registering, you will be asked to choose a username and password for your account. You are fully responsible for maintaining your password. You will be responsible for all use of your account and password.




In order to send, transport, receive cargo and goods on the website Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala, the carrier/sender, and the carrier/passenger are directly connected with each other. After sending the offer, the parties choose the best offer or offers and accept the contract. You agree not to enter into any agreement that violates the rules of the site. Any agreement that violates the rules of the site Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala is void. The consignor is responsible for managing, reviewing, following up, and paying on time to get the desired result, and the consignee is responsible for delivering the goods and goods on time according to the agreement made. Both parties agree to work together to implement the agreement, and to act fairly. By observing any activity in your account, we will notice that you or someone you have been authorized to access has logged into your account. If you suspect unauthorized access to your account, let us know immediately through Support. We reserve the right to delete, retrieve, or change the username you choose if we deem that such username is inappropriate, inappropriate, or irrevocable.


Sides and Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala

Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala the account are not included in the agreements, contracts, and requests for purchase, transportation, sending, receiving of goods and goods between the parties. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala have no control over the contract of the parties and is not aware of its details. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala items such as quality of work, security, and legality of the delivered service, accuracy and precision of registered work, background or ability of users, assurance of work by the carrier, financial ability of the shipper to pay after work, Or whether the bearer will continue the contract to the end or not, does not guarantee. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala are not responsible for the behavior and contract of the parties and carriers are not employees of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala. All rights and obligations of buying and selling services will be between the parties. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala will not provide any means or tools to do the work for shippers. The parties must work together to resolve all issues related to rights and obligations.


Terms of use of the website Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala

        You are not less than 18 years old.

        For any reason, the possibility of using Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala has not been suspended for you.

        By law, the account holder is responsible for any events that may occur in the account.

        In no way should you violate our laws, the rights of our parties, or our policies, including the Charter of Ethics.

        Under no circumstances should you refuse to pay the fees agreed between the parties that were agreed upon at the time of accepting the offer with the above conditions, unless one of the parties leaves the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala after announcing the dispute and after review. Problem by website experts have a legal right.

        The carrier or carrier should not refuse to do the work proposed and approved and ultimately agreed upon by the parties, unless the carrier/passenger refuses to comply with the agreed terms or the shipper meets the terms of the project after approval Final, and without re-agreement with the carrier/passenger to change in any way that this cessation of cooperation between the parties must be notified through the notification section of the user environment section of the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala.

        The parties and users of the site in no way, any interference in the cost structures, billing process, or payment and receipt process, and in general, do not perform any financial operations on the website without coordination with the website of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala.

        Under no circumstances should you post incorrect, inaccurate, misleading, offensive, or offensive content (including personal information) on the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala website.

        Prevents any action that leads to advertising on any subject.

        Do not make any immoral moves in the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala.

        Under no circumstances should you transfer your account in the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala to another person.

        Under no circumstances should you post unwanted spam or bulk emails, promotional emails, or pyramid schemes on the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala website.

        You should refrain from publishing any viruses and similar software that may harm the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala outside or the interests and assets of the users of this site (including intellectual property, privacy, material rights, or intellectual property rights).

        Under no circumstances should you download and hold the list of registered users of the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala for display on other sites or for any other use.

        You must refrain from altering, modifying, adapting, editing, disassembling, disassembling, or reverse engineering software programs used in Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala.

        Under no circumstances should you copy, modify or interfere with the rights or contents of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala or the copyright and trademark rights of the Website.

        Under no circumstances should you extract the information of other users (including email address or any other information) from the site of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala and use them commercially or non-commercially.

        All users of Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala are obliged to respect and respect all intellectual property rights and e-commerce rights.

        We recommend that you do not take your conversation off the site in any way. In the event of a dispute, Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala will not accept any responsibility for possible problems and in the event of a dispute can not help.

        Be sure to make your payments in accordance with the agreements made through the site and do not pay outside the site in any way, otherwise Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala will not be responsible for any problems.


Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala are third parties in conducting financial and legal transactions

You, as a user of the website, acknowledge and agree that Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala as a third party have the right and the right to work, pick up, receive, pay and deposit on behalf of the parties. Agreed under the contract at the specified time, from the user account of the parties (all relevant financial transactions). It should be noted that Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala is not responsible in any way for losses, damages, or debts due to the negligence of users at the time of the general agreement to do the work and the parties (all parties) and all users of the website can announce the dispute and request review. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala should consider the issue in their user interface, but there are no legal problems between the parties, including Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala.


Fees and services


Fees will be charged for certain services from users. It should be noted that changes in work policies are made from time to time, and we inform you by informing the Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala. Fees for promotional event services (such as membership discounts) or new services may change temporarily.

Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala receive 8% of the cost of services provided by shippers. This amount will be deducted when a secure payment is released to the carrier. Note that in case of cancellation of the contract, 8% of the commission will not be returned.


Payment and withdrawal rules, restrictions, and fraud prevention

        Secure payment is a secure method of payment that will be done in two steps.

        Payment of the contract is made by paying the amount to the site Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala. The sender/sender intends that after paying to the website, he will no longer have access to the amount. Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala will transfer the amount to the carrier's account only after the announcement of the cargo. If the contract is not fulfilled, the shipper can cancel the secure payment to be returned to the shipper/sender, or in the event of a dispute, the parties can log into the website dispute resolution system.

        In the event of a dispute between the parties, they agree not to make any payment to either party in determining the status of the dispute, Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala.