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Digi Kharej - Kharej Kala

DigiKharej.com or KharejKala.com

The online community platform to find passengers for delivering your parcels & belonging in the fastest & cheapest way with lowest/no tax, AND for passengers to make a great income by delivering peoples’ parcels & belonging in the easiest way!

People create an account, find each other and invite their contacts to share their travel & luggage space-weight-availability and parcel-delivery-opportunities.

Travel, Deliver: Make Money  -  Fastest Delivery by Passengers

·        Travel & MAKE MONEY; Announce Your Available Luggage Space; Take & Deliver People's Parcel & Belongings

·        Send Parcel & Belongings Cheapest Fastest by Passengers with Lowest or NO Custom TAX.


After seeing many people struggling to send their parcel or belonging abroad, because of high costs, urgency or because of long delivery time by posts or so; we decided to create a great platform to make it easy for people to send their things around the world AND make it worth-while for people collecting & delivering other people’s parcels & belonging. 


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